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Educational and fun.  This tabletop math is great for kids of all ages.  See In the Hoop and make a set for your kids or grandkids.


Perfect miniature road signs…See In the Hoop

Use with Road Rug play mat or electric road sets.  Education and fun!



Kitty Gold Eyes is made 80% in the hoop.  Some “assembly, i.e., hand stitching” required.  Please note…hand stitching does not have to be real neat as the stitches sink into the plush.  See In the Hoop 80% under categories.


I am innocent…..the dog did it….I did not!  Oh so many adorable cats in Cats Meow!






NOTE:   Embroidery Affair test sews its designs on “people fabric” . If you look carefully at the larger embroidery sites, you will find that every sewout appears quite perfect. Not a wrinkle……. WHY YOU ASK?  ….The reason is simple.  Since they  want their designs to look perfect,  all their test sews showing on the websites are sewn on felt. Felt is porous , felt doesn’t stretch, felt doesn’t pull or wrinkle and felt doesn’t cause  much push and pull problem  However,  felt would be VERY HOT to wear and you can’t wash it because it falls apart quite easily.
We like T-tops and things that stretch and move with you……. so iron on that cut away stabilizer and sew away.  Since stabilizer doesn’t stretch, you are going to have  a  pull or wrinkle here or there but if you CAREFULLY cut your stabilizer close to the design and between the wording and the design, this will release the stabilizer and allow the knit to lay ft.  Just put a damp cloth over the design,  press with a hot iron for 5-10 seconds…….PRESTO….an adorable T-top that isn’t felt!

Summers Coming…..Too Hot?  How about a snowball fight?  Snowball fights are great fun….but then, your hands get cold.. and wet..  and you have to go inside to warm up…then your clothes drip all over the floor…then you have to get the mop…No thank you!  Forget the work.  Bring the fun inside with these perfectly round 6″ snowballs, which fly perfectly well, your target feels no pain, and your furniture is safe.  Make plenty without faces and 6 with these adorable faces for snowball games.  Instructions included with download.




See our adorable cats by clicking here https://www.embroideryaffair.com/products-page/cats-meow/

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