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Let’s Talk Bling….

Yes, history does repeat itself…….. yes, if you keep it long enough it will be fashionable again. In the 50’s it was rhinestones, glitz and glamour. Now it’s called bling…… and who doesn’t love a little sparkle! On those Terrific T’s you can stop sewing before the final centers and yes…with a Joelee hot fix rhinestone tool and a few Swarovski “hot fix” rhinestones, you have some beautiful bling.

I was frustrated because the product was “short” on directions and non-existent with solutions for problems. However with some patience and testing I found that if you heat the rhinestone tool for 3-4 minutes, you then pick up your 5mm rhinestone, count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and quickly put it in the center of your flower. The smaller millimeter of the rhinestone, the quicker it heats up so count to four for 4 mm and count to three for 3. Not all rhinestones are created equal. If a particular rhinestone is not the perfect size, it will not stick in the Joelee tool. Therefore, go to the next rhinestone. Yes..there is some waste but the final result is worth it.

You will also need to have an inexpensive retractable razor blade cutter on hand….. one with a narrow blade as sometimes the glue on the “hot fix” rhinestone is on the side as well as the back so it sticks within the tool. If you put it on your garment and it stays in the tool, quickly take your razor blade cutter and insert it in the tool slot right on your garment and press down and the rhinestone will come off and be in the center of the embroidered flower.

Note: Watch what you buy. Some craft stores mix glue on rhinestones with the “hot fix” on their displays. Only the “hot fix” has glue that will melt when used with the Jolee Hot Fix tool.

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