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This blog is an extension of the August blog on adjusting your bobbin tension because a good design depends on “balance” between the lower thread (the bobbin) and the upper thread. I also did a little research on why machines don’t like certain thread…..The issue was solved as told at the end of this blog.

I also pondered just what significance September held, aside from the sadness of September 11. It used to be kids went back to school after Labor Day. Not now…Government, i.e., Politicians changed that “for the good of the little people”. Labor Day….that did not create too much festive atmosphere and in fact, most businesses ignore it altogether and it is just another work day. So I decided to do a little research. I found some words I had heard of….but had not paid too much attention to., i.e., The Autumnal Equinox., i.e., the first day of fall.

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The interesting thing about the autumnal equinox is that in “layman terms”, the Fall Equinox is the first day of fall and is when, in the Northern Hemisphere, there begins shorter days and longer nights and in the Southern Hemisphere, you have just the opposite, longer days and shorter night. However, on the ONE day of the Autumnal Equinox, both day and night are equal, with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

Now, the Astrological significance of all this is that the Libra astrological sign begins on the day of the Fall Equinox. Thus, Libra’s symbol– representing the equal balance of light and dark, being the scale. Hmmmm… appears the legal system hi-jacked this symbol. Anyone who has been involved in the legal systems knows there is no “equal balance”. The winner feels that justice has been served and the loser is convinced that it has not so the so-called “scale of justice” appears to be a figment of some slick Lawyer’s imagination. So much for Lady Justice.

Now, more interesting is that the day the Autumnal equinox falls on…. changes, depending on the year. According to the Farmers Almanac, in 2011, the day is September 23. However, in 2012, the day is September 22.

Thus, if you were born on either the 22 or the 23rd of September, you might be a Virgo one year and a Libra another year! Think how much fun you can have being two different signs!

Now back to “balance” between the upper and lower threads. I mused this past month in reading some comments like “oh, my machine does NOT like Coates thread” or Oh, my machine does not like Maderia thread” …….

What I learned is that people who believe this have been “mislead” by their sewing machine dealer or repair shop. A sewing machine is a mechanical piece of equipment that operates according to the “settings”.

If your repair shop sells a specific brand of thread, I learned, quite by accident, that they adjust the bobbin to the weight of the thread they sell. Then, if you use a different weight of thread they will say….oh no, you must use this thread because your machine doesn’t like “that thread”. Do you see the picture now? In order to make more money and sell the product, ( i.e., brand of thread the dealer carries) the bobbin is adjusted to work with that weight of thread……

Stay informed and stay “balanced” in all things!