The pain of losing a child can only be completely understood by the parents of that child.  Losing loved ones is painful, but to lose a son or daughter is a pain that never heals.  A Mother’s anguish is especially hard since that child developed in her womb and grew from her flesh and blood.

To help numb the pain, I like to imagine that our loved ones try to help heal our hearts by being one with nature.  I like to imagine our lost children as a snow angels.  Weston loved snowboarding so I am sure he is in Heaven, happily swooshing in the snow.  Thus, this month’s free design.  I wrote the below poem dedicated to my baby sister and her husband, who lost their handsome son to Aspiration in December 2011.


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Dedicated to Our Snow Angel

You were given to us on a beautiful March day;

On a cold December day, You were taken away;

You were but a boy, just leaving his teens,

Your wings had not developed, nor had your dreams.

There are no reasons and no one knows,

So, why did you leave us?  Why did you go?

We loved you so much; you were so special you see.

I am but an empty shell…that’s all that left of me.

Some say you are with grandparents, I hope that may be.

However, that gives no comfort.  I want you here with me.

You were our baby.  We loved you so.

So why did you leave us?  Where did you go?

Our hearts are so broken and this I know,

Time cannot heal such a big empty hole.

If love could have saved you, you would never have died.

If tears could bring you back, you’d be here by our side.

Now I am left to imagine, just where you might be;

Are you floating on a cloud, watching over me?

I know you’re an Angel, as you were one here on Earth.

You’ve always been an Angel, from the time of your birth.

Maybe you’re making snowflakes or just playing in the snow;

Maybe you’re riding on the wind, teaching it how to blow.

Could you just touch my cheek or ruffle through my hair,

Please just do something….Just let me know you are near.

Perhaps my little angel, you can brush your wings in the snow;

to help numb my pain let me see your wings glow.

Wherever you are, please know your not alone,

Because most of me died with you,

The day God took you home.

Written by Aunt Stacey La Raine

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