Embroidery Affair holds the copyright to all embroidery designs it  permits to be downloaded free of charge. The design are intended to be used to make items to be donated to animal rescue gift shops and charities. THE SHELTER GIFT SHOP & CHARITIES MAY SELL THE DONATED DESIGNS TO GENERATE FUNDS FOR THE CARE OF THE ANIMALS.

They can also be used on T-shirts and other clothing or decorative items to remind the public of how critical it is to Adopt. However, these designs are NOT PERMITTED to be used on items to be sold at craft markets, bazaars or internet sites. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these designs or any portion of them, by email or any other means, is strictly prohibited.

DOWNLOAD pyranese

DOWNLOAD:  Russell









DOWNLOAD:  Animals Depend


Download: Give Me A Home

DOWNLOAD:  Have a heart

DOWNLOAD: Adopt Ribbon

DOWNLOAD: Four Rescue zip

The two designs below are low stitch count and sew up quickly making them PERFECT for Dog neck kerchiefs to be sold at the local shelter gift and thrift shops.

DOWNLOAD: Kerchief zip

The below Memory Ribbons were designed as free downloads for those who rescue four legged babies. Although on your machine the designs show in burgundy, they can be sewn with “rainbow” or varigated thread to remind everyone of the Rainbow Bridge story :

DOWNLOAD Save a life1

DOWNLOAD Save a Life2



Considering a Pet Portrait?

Pet portraits are extremely time consuming since it requires individual placement of the hair or fur to attempt to get a realistic look. The time required to do this results in what some would consider an”expensive” design. Therefore, if we determine that the pet is representative of a particular breed that is not already posted on the website, we may offer to reduce the price by placing the portrait on the website for sale to others to help defray the cost to the original requestor. Since the individual breeds are very similar in looks, more than one person can usually use the design.

If you have a favorite picture of a pet that you would like turned into an embroidery design, we can do that. Even if we have to make adjustments to the photograph by leaving something out or adding something, or making some alteration from a poor photo. The biggest challenge in attempting to replicate mother nature is finding thread colors to match and then attempting to blend threads to get a reasonable facsimile.

Here we have sweet Jasmine, sittinng on her perch, watching the world go by.

Sophie, a beloved Cockapoo passed away and a dear friend wanted to be able to make Sophie’s Mom a bag with Sophie on it so Sophie would always be with her. Note that we replicated a portion of the quilt that sophie loved to sleep on.

Osito is a beloved miniature pony. Although his face is extremely dark, he is blind in one eye and the photograph shows no eye, we were able to show an eye and add a little spark to the embroidery design of the little minature pony.