From Paint and Pictures to Thread Art

From a painting of Pouty in her clawtooth tub, comes Pouty in thread. Pouty loves her flouncy hat and will not remove it, even when bathing! Pouty can be found under Bear Affair.

Then we have beautiful Kaike a/k/a Keiki from a picture pose to a thread caricature. Kaike can be found under Cats Meow.
Kaike…..sucking her tail

My husband has given some of our “children” Hawaiian names. We have several children, some of them four-legged. Although as parents we know we are not to pick favorites, let’s face it….we love them all but some are just “special”. And so it is with Keiki, aka Kaike. Kaike sucks her tail….yes, the last 3 inches of her tail is hazel colored, she having sucked the color out. As you can see, she sits on my lap and sucks her tail while I rub her tummy. Beautiful Kaike posed for and now is, caricatured in thread!

From a painting of Happy Bluebird parents, with hoop size limitations, comes the thread art version. The Bluebirds can be found under Bird Tweets.

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