You can purchase a metal yard banner/flag stand at a home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot or you can purchase them at most garden shops or hobby shops.

The measurement for your yard flag will depend on the size of the metal stand that you purchase. For an example, I have a hanger from my lamp post so my top pocket is large. Nylon does not soak up the dirty air but it has a tendency to pucker due to the tight density. Therefore, I use a heavy weight cotton.

Supplies: Metal yard banner/flag stand – 3/4 yard heavy white cotton or nylon – small dowel

Cut a piece of material 22 inches long and 15 inches wide. (of course, the width will depend on how large your metal rod is.

Serge all edges. Press under 1/4″ on the sides and turn under and stitch down.

Press a 1 3/4 hem on top (again this will depend on how large the rod for your metal stand is). Roll serged edge under and Stitch down.

Press a 3/4″ hem on bottom or whatever size dowel you have. Roll serged edge under and stitch down. On one end stitch the pocket closed so after your design is finished, you can slide your dowel in and it won’t fall out the other side. This will weight down your yard flag.

Hoop prepared flag on water soluable wash away fabric. Applique and embroidery the design. Cut the wash away close and run the flag under warm water to remove the remaining stabilizer. Insert a dowel in the bottom pocket and hang up on your metal stand in your yard and enjoy.

What could be cuter that this PURRFECT face on a t-top?

Do a beautiful set of towels for your fisherman…..Look what Shannon made for her husband!

How to do Appliques

As you can see from the pictures below, you can adorn any item with a design tailored to the receiver’s favorites. All you need do is properly stabilize it, top those textured ones with clear water soluable topping stabilizer and give a gift that will be treasured.

You can purchase a ready-made T-top and add a lovely design for a terrific looking classy top. These lovely designs can be found in Terrific T-tops.

Purchase a Baby Blanket and embroidery a design and the Baby’s name for a very special gift. Shannon created these blankets for a friend who was thrilled with receiving such a special gift. These designs can be found in Dog Bow Wows & Zoo Crew.

Purchase a fleece throw and add a design for a lovely gift.

Skippy’s Mom was thrilled with her Christmas gift throw.

And what Pig lover would not be thrilled with towels embroidered with these little porkers. The recipient of Shannon’s gift was ecstatic. These darling designs can be found in Animal Ark.

And what could be sweeter for the expectant Mother:

This adorable stork can be found under Bird Tweets.

Buy a Nice Baby blanket – Remove the tags and ribbons so they can be replaced. Sew your design and replace the tags and ribbons….What a beautiful gift! The Ballerina Bear can be found under Bear Affair and the Bunny can be found under Bunny Hops.

Even if you can’t find a blanket without a design, you can embroider your personalized design on the opposite corner of the blanket and it will have a design on both corners!

Those $5.00 tops turn into wonderful designer wear with the addition of these adorable designs. One can NEVER have too many shirts for any occasion!